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My Services

Caring Money Management offers a wide range of personal financial and organization services. My goal is to work closely with my clients, building trust and relationships one day at a time.

When you meet me at the free initial consultation, you’re meeting the person you’ll be entrusting your personal information to – not a sales person who will pass you on to another team member.

I keep our business relationship personal; that’s how I maintain my ‘customer first’ service philosophy. And as a member of the AADMM, rest assured that I observe a strict code of ethics.

Money Management & Financial Organization Services

My services include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Sorting mail
  • Reviewing bills with clients to determine proper & timely payment
  • Checking utility bills for accuracy
  • Scrutinize credit card and bank statements for identity theft & fraud issues
  • Preparing checks for client signatures
  • Balancing checkbooks
  • Budgeting monthly income & expenses
  • Setting up files & organizing bills
  • Tracking receipts to determine your spending habits
  • Setting up Bill Pay for clients who want it
  • Making trips to post office and bank when necessary
  • Setting up social media (Facebook, FaceTime & Skype) profiles

It’s important to note that as a Daily Money Manager, I’m not acting as an accountant, financial advisor, or attorney.

I offer daily money management services to clients in Gilbert, and in neighboring communities such as Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Sun Lakes and Tempe.

Enjoy The Benefits of A Daily Money Manager

Seniors Sitting on BenchHiring a DMM to organize and manage your or a loved one’s personal finances and paperwork can:

  • Create more stress free time for you and your family to enjoy
  • Maintain a level of privacy between family members
  • Protect credit ratings & reputations
  • Avoid late fees & bank charges
  • Allow seniors to enjoy their independence for longer
  • No need to worry about bills if you’re regularly out of the country on business or deployment
  • Relieve the day to day stress of managing finances & paperwork

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